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HON® Voi Endorse Flock: HLSL1472M.WHIT.T1FT01.X - 72Wx14.25Dx14H Ovrhd Cab 4 Mtl Dr w/12 Cub,HFLRC1.TR.SMOMODY44.P6N - Flock Round Lounge Chair, HLEU.Y1.A.A.SMOMKNG06.PA - Endorse Exec High-back Upholstered Back, HFTVD26.G.0.MOCH.TR.P6N - Flock 26 Cylinder Table Veneer, HLSL1236.G - 36W x 12H above privacy screen, HLSL2036CH2.SMOMODY44 - Cred Cushion: 20x36x1, HLSL2072LL2.WHIT.MOCH.T1 Low credenza (LH drws): 20x72x21.5, HLSL2072LL2.WHIT.MOCH.WHIT - Low credenza (LH drws): 20x72x21.5, HLSL2072LR2.WHIT.MOCH.WHIT - Low credenza (RH drws): 20x72x21.5, HLSL2072LR2.WHIT.MOCH.T1 - Low credenza (RH drws): 20x72x21.5, HLSL307O.T1 - 30"D x 7"H O-Leg Support for Low Credenzas (1 pack), HLSL30OBC.WHIT - 30" support bookcase, HLSL65OS.T1 - 65" High O-leg SOS Support (2 pack), HLSLR3072.MOCH.MOCH.X - 30"D x 72" W Rectangle Worksurface

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HON® Arrange Cafe Commons, Center: HCTRECT3072.M.C.C - Rectangle tabletop, HCT29MT.PLAT - Seated height T-base, HGRMTMINIAC - Cafe electrical mini AC grommet, HGRMTMINIUSB - Cafe electrical mini USB grommet, HCTSQR42.N.C.C - Square tabletop, HCT42LX.PLAT - Café height X-base,HCTRND42.N.C.C - Round tabletop, HCT29LX.PLAT - Café height X-base, HFLMC1.L.SX02.P6N - Modular chair, HFLY01.HG.SX02 - Mini cylinder, HSGS6.N.E.SMOMMIL90.P6N - Guest chairs, HSGS6DF.N.E.SMOMAMU91.WOL003.P6N - Guest chairs, HSCS2DF.N.E.SMOMAMU91.WOL003.P6N - Café-height stool,HPBC2D2D36.MOCH - Prep station w/ 2 drawers, HPHC2D36.MOCH - Hanging wall cabinets, HPBC4D18.MOCH - Prep cabinet w/ 4 drawers, HPBC1D1D18.MOCH - Prep cabinet w/ 1 door/1 drawer, HPCT72.WHIT - Countertop with backsplash

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HON® Grove: HML3S.A.RS18.TS.PINC - Three-seat lounge HML3S.A.WOL012.TS.PINC - Three-seat lounge HML1S.A.WOL012.TS.PINC - Single seat lounge (2) HFTLS24.N.0.PINC.P6N - Cube table (5) HML2ST.A.WOL001.TS.PINC.PINC.N.0 - Two-seat lounge w/table HML3S.N.WOL008.TS.PINC - Three-seat lounge (2) HML2S.N.WOL008.TS.PINC - Two-seat lounge (2) HFCL1.WOL001.P6N - Casual Lounge chair (6) HFCL1.WOL008.P6N - Casual Lounge chair (6) HFTLD36.G.N.WHIT - Round table top HFDB29B.P6N - Table base, disc style

Designworks Brand Page

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HON® Accelerate Endorse: (8) HETP4272F.APN25.T3 Tackable panel, 42H x 72W in Appoint Lawn, Muslin Paint, (8) HWR2448PS.H.H Systems worksurface 24 x 48 with scallops, Bourbon Cherry, (8) HWR2472PS.H.H Systems worksurface 24 x 72 with scallops, Bourbon Cherry, HCTL242.T3 24"D Cantilever in Muslin, (2) HEC57PX.T3 X connector in Muslin, (6) HEFEC57P.T3 Panel finished end covers, (8) HHN831124 Flat Bracket 24D, (8) HLSLZ5SC60 48" External stiffener,(8) HEFG1572.T3.Q 72"W x 15"H clear frameless glass, (4) H5210 Single monitor arm, (6) H19723A.L.T3 Flagship Series Pedestal B/B/F in Muslin, (6) H19817A.L.T3 Flagship Series Pedestal F/F in Muslin (6) HKP2800.T3 Flush front kickplate for pedestals in Muslin, (3) H9183.L.T3 Flagship Series three high lateral files in Muslin, (8) HLWM.Y1.A.H.IM.RI78.SB Endorse task mid-back in Hive Bumble

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HON® W5 Teaming: H10716L.NN - Left return, H1500.N - Center drawer (2), H10784L.NN - Single pedestal desk, H10715R.NN - Right return, H10783R.NN - Single pedestal desk, HMH02.MST1.C - High-back Boda work chair (2)