Rentacrate Dollies​

A1N Plastic Crate Dolly 
Designed specifically for the Rentacrate A1N Standard Crate and the Pak-N-Stak™ crate and dolly system. 4” rubber casters with a 1 ¼” tread width and a double ball bearing swivel raceway for easy steering and maneuverability. Integrated slide allows movers to easily slide a stack of packed crates onto a dolly if necessary. 
Dimensions: A1DOL 27.5”x18.25”x10.5” *
Custom Printing Available!
Lateral Crate Dolly 
Metal crate dolly with 4” rubber casters custom designed for the Rentacrate Lateral File Crate. Using this dolly and the Pak-N-Stak crate and dolly system, you can quickly and easily pack your files or blueprints for your mover to swiftly roll away.
Dimensions: LC40 DOL 42.5”x12.25”x14.25”

Custom Printing Available!
C7 Computer Crate Dolly 
Designed specifically for the smaller base of the Rentacrate C7 Computer Crate, this dolly with 4” rubber casters facilitates the Pak-N-Stak crate and dolly system for computers.
Dimensions: C7 DOL 28.25”x22.25”x6.5” * 

Custom Printing Available!
Rubber Capped Dolly 
Standard mover’s dolly with 4” rubber casters.
Dimensions: DOL 30”x17.75”x7.5” **

 Chicago Style Dolly 
Extra long, rubber capped mover’s dolly, the Chicago Style Dolly is the industry standard in the Midwest with 4” rubber casters.
Dimensions: CHIDOL 32.5”x18.25”x7.75”

H-Frame Dolly 
A no-skid top finish and 4” rubber casters makes this the dolly-of-choice in Texas.
Dimensions: HDOL 30”x18”x7.5” **
Carpeted Dolly 
Standard mover’s dolly on the West Coast with carpeted runners and 3.5” rubber casters.
Dimensions: CARDOL 32.25” x19.5”x6.75” **

Custom Printing Available!

Industrial Metal Dolly
This heavy duty metal dolly with 4” rubber casters is specially designed to accommodate heavier loads and industrial applications. 
Dimensions: A1DOL 26.75”x16”x14.5”
Custom Printing Available!
  Hand Truck
The standard hand truck (two wheel dolly) has an 18"Wx7.5"D platform and stands 52” tall.
Dimensions: HT 52” x 18”

* Minimums apply
** Not available in all markets