Rentacrate Bins

Purge/Multi-Purpose Bin (with separate lid)
Rentacrate Purge / Multi-Purpose Bins are as versatile as your needs with 16 cu. ft. to facilitate an effective purge process, college move in / move out, inventory, trash disposal or moving bulky items. Separate lid available in some marketplaces.
Dimensions: PB 20 37.5” x 26.5” x 37” (16 cu. ft.)
Custom Printing Available!
Blue Bin 
Two wheeled lidded Blue Bin used for shredding is also available for rental.
Dimensions: PB64 23” x 20” x 39” (64 gallons)

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Lockable Shredding Bins 
We deliver, you purge, we pick up and shred. It’s that simple! Rentacrate’s Lockable Shredding Bins are the ideal solution for your shredding needs.
Our large-capacity, 64-gallon Lockable Shredding Bin is ideal for office-wide purging and shredding needs. A 96-gallon version is available upon special request
For smaller office environments, use our Lockable Shredding Console. Its light grey color blends with any office decor and the front loading drop slot leaves the entire top surface available for other office accessories. A smaller version of the Office Console is available for tighter spaces upon special request. Rentacrate is insured for professional shredding and will issue a certificate of destruction upon completion of shredding.

Shredding Bin:
PB64SHREDD 23” x 20” x 39” (64 gallons)
PB96SHREDD 28” x 23” x 43.5” (96 gallons)
Please call 1-800-i-Crate-2 (1-800-427-2832) to special order this product.

CONSHREDD Shredding Console:
Standard Size 40" x 19" x 19"
Smaller Size 24” x 19” x 19”  
Please call 1-800-i-Crate-2 (1-800-427-2832) to special order this product.