Our Clients get a Complete Outsourcing Solution and Management Program with:

  • Web based, secure, customized access
  • Departmental authorization levels and controls
  • Pre-approved and specified product and service selections
  • Customized invoicing, cost tracking and reporting

Our business is built first on relationships.
We listen, we respond, and over time build relationships that last because we serve our clients well.

Our business is also built on technological advantage. Our HiConnect web portal provides our clients with access to the vast array of HiTouch products and services from a single login and universal password. It is simple, efficient, timely and comprehensive – the unique HiTouch experience.

HiTouch Business Services. Called This For A Reason. Experience Why.

HiTouch Business Services is a single source for virtually everything a business needs to operate - office products, supplies and equipment, contract furniture, coffee/beverage/break room supplies, promotional products, printing and forms, reusable moving crates, and total workspace environments.

HiTouch also provides an integrated suite of essential services – space and move planning, office design, facilities management solutions, print management, and document/information destruction and recycling – empowering our clients with unprecedented command over complex business processes.

HiTouch Business Services comprises nine distinct yet fully integrated operating brands that individually provide best in class solutions and services in their respective lines. These brands are formidable competitors in the vast business services sector and are among the nation’s fastest growing competitive business products and service providers.

Combined, they create a resource with unprecedented product and service offerings and unparalleled single-source capabilities making HiTouch a game-changing partner in today’s business environment.

What We Do

HiTouch Business Services helps our clients increase business productivity. We establish productivity partnerships with clients that save them time and money, supply their operating needs, help them get the most out of their facilities and assets, and improve their competitive edge.

How We Do It

We have built our company on the principles of personal service, focused attention to detail and valuable solutions, combined with “ahead of the curve” technology. This approach empowers us to rapidly tailor and deploy specific service combinations for each of our customers making them more competitive. It’s a business strategy that works.

In short, we empower our clients with the products and services they need to operate at their full competitive advantage. We give management control over costs, we eliminate multi vendor hidden costs and red tape, and we facilitate the purchasing and managing of entire office inventories, so supplies are delivered “just in time” eliminating inventory overhead.