General Terms of Sale: HiTouch Business Services

Standard Credit Payment Terms:
Net 20 DOI (Date of Invoice)
Credit Card
Summary Billing (Due Net 10)

HiTouch Business Services (“HiTouch”) reserves the right to extend or withhold credit terms at its sole discretion. As such credit terms may be adjusted and/or restricted at the discretion of the Credit Department. Credit terms are dependent upon the financial viability and performance of the customer. HiTouch may utilize the services of credit reporting agencies and other external sources of information in their credit evaluation. If permission is required to obtain this information; clients/applicants will not needlessly withhold this permission in the evaluation process. HiTouch may request additional information from time to time which may include financial statements, banking information, credit references etc. as necessary in the credit evaluation process. HiTouch may request security which may include but not limited to guaranties, letters of credit, deposits and liens to facilitate the extension of credit. Financial statements are required for any credit extension in excess of $100,000. 

Accounts that become delinquent may be subject to interest charges at the prevailing legal rate. Checks sent in payment of accounts that are returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a $25. service fee for each occurrence.