Reusable Plastic Crates and Dollies

Rentacrate's reusable plastic crates are far superior to cardboard boxes when it comes to moving your organization. Rentacrates are sturdier than cardboard boxes, virtually crush proof, and they can be reused over and over. When it comes to moving, there is no better option than Rentacrate's crate and dolly system:

  • You need 20% to 50% fewer crates than cardboard boxes
  • Just-in-time delivery and pick-up service with 24 hours notice or less
  • Crate and dolly system enables you to stack more at one time to move more per load
  • The efficient Pack and Stack TM system eliminates dolly-up/dolly-down time reducing the number of trips and man hours it takes to load
  • Eliminates heavy lifting helping to reduce injury
  • Crates stack more efficiently in trucks so fewer truck loads/trips are required
  • For every crate produced trees are preserved and less waste is produced making our crates a smart choice for a greener move