Rentacrate is the first and foremost reusable plastic crate and moving equipment rental company in the United States serving business, residential and government customers nationwide. Rentacrate provides a sustainable, cost-effective, and more efficient alternative to cardboard boxes for the office, commercial and residential moving industries. Rentacrate products and services make moves more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly – all from a single source with a nationwide presence.

Rentacrate has 16 full-service regional distribution centers that serve all of the United States. Rentacrate’s customers range from large Fortune 1,000 companies to small and mid-size businesses, as well as multiple government bodies. Homeowners can also turn to Rentacrate for assistance with their moving needs. With national capabilities and no minimum purchase requirements, Rentacrate is the perfect solution for moves of all sizes.

Our products and services include:

  • Our Sustainable Move Solutions™ provide turnkey end-to-end solutions for our clients for all types of move projects whether across town or across the country and include complete sustainability and cost to budget analysis and reporting
  • Our Complete Moving System™ is the only fully integrated, 4 step system that accounts for all your moving needs in a cost effective and streamlined process
  • Rentacrate's Crate Management System gives clients a variety of turnkey options to fit any size move
  • We offer plastic crates, dollies, carts and bins to transport everything that needs moving safely and securely
  • We also provide all needed moving supplies including Labels, ties, boxes, bags and protection for the floor, walls and doorjambs, Rentacrate has everything a move requires.
  • Move services offer full security and HIPPA compliance
  • Sustainable LEED supportive solutions

  • Better Than Cardboard Boxes

    Rentacrate is the nation's foremost provider of reusable plastic moving crates, dollies and moving equipment. Virtually indestructible, our plastic crates are safer, more efficient,  more environmentally friendly, affordable, and require less labor than cardboard boxes.

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  • Sustainable Move Solutions TM

    Sustainable Move Solutions TM (SMS) is Rentacrate’s answer to the mission critical moving requirements in today’s dynamic business and commerce environment. From nationwide, multi-location moves to single-market projects, Rentacrate provides consultative assessment of each project, then deploys the right SMS resources and provides complete management of the entire move process ensuring the most comprehensive, efficient, effective, secure and sustainable move experience.

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  • RFID Tag and Track Security

    Radio Frequency Identification RFID Tags have a microchip and antenna allowing the tag to be activated by a reader and a unique 24 digit serial number. The tags are securely riveted to Rentacrates allowing the contents of these crates to be tracked and monitored for moves requiring a higher level of security.

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