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About Edge Communications

Edge Communications represents an evolutionary change in the way managed digital services are provided to small and medium size businesses with a complete end-to-end solution for all Voice, Data, Wi-Fi and IT applications.

Edge equips your business with a complete communications and IT infrastructure solution that is simple, reliable, secure, and affordable. Edge Communications eliminates the hassle and lowers the cost of deploying and managing everything related to voice and data communications: one provider, one solution, one fixed monthly fee, and zero equipment to buy or manage. You’ll enjoy superior performance with white-glove, fully-managed services, including proactive 24/7 monitoring of your entire solution, 365 days per year.

  • Complete - One provider, one bill, one fixed monthly cost and one dedicated individual
  • Simple - Edge installs our network Enode equipment at your premises at no cost to you. All of the features, functions, and services are provided through our single, fully managed device.
  • Secure - Edge creates a secure, walled private cloud at your premises with complete end-to-end security.
  • Reliable - Edge offers Carrier-designed equipment with redundancy, uninterruptible power and complete backup and recovery.
  • 24/7/365 - A dedicated individual proactively manages your voice, data and network infrastructure 24/7/365.

Our products and services include:

  • Enhanced Voice and Data Services provide everything needed to reliably place and receive voice calls, including your telephones, fax and toll-free lines, unlimited domestic local and long-distance, competitive international long-distance rates, and sophisticated PBX and Unified Communications features. You can transfer numbers to us, or we will provide them for you. And unlike other phone systems, your Edge service includes all broadband connectivity, with carrier-class, high-availability equipment that is fully-managed by Edge but physically located on-premises. It’s like having the telephone company in the next room, with an expert administrator watching over everything around the clock.

  • Sophisticated IP PBX and Unified Communications features are configured according to your needs, and then monitored by a dedicated system administrator. The automated attendant receives incoming calls and plays a pre-recorded customized message that gives your callers routing options. You can have calls routed directly to 3 to 5 digit extension numbers, send them to an automatic call distributor that routes to queued extensions based upon availability (such as sales or support team queues), or to custom ring groups that ring simultaneously. During hold times, your callers hear your pre-recorded messages, music, or other special announcements. Users can dial by extension and automatically forward calls when out of the office. They can transfer calls, or park them for later retrieval using a different handset. For emergencies, the Edge e911-Notify service lets you set predefined numbers that will be simultaneously called each time emergency services are contacted. Your voice users will each have private voice mailboxes where they can manage and retrieve personal voicemail within or when away from the office. Incoming messages will be routed as audio attachments and sent to each user’s email inbox. Your voice users can also have personal conference bridge numbers that allow unlimited/unmetered conference calls between internal and external participants. Your conference bridges can be configured in advance to support any number of simultaneous parties.

  • A Complete Communications and IT Platform preconfigured and installed at your premises with no need to purchase equipment up-front. This includes Edge’s proprietary eNode, all phones, and any managed devices procured through Edge. Everything is included as part of your monthly service fee. The eNode is the brain of your communications platform and is preconfigured to replace the existing carrier gateway, any PBX or key system, firewalls, switches or routers, and any battery backup/UPS equipment that you may have. Each Edge eNode is a carrier-grade, high-availability platform with built-in redundancies, including redundant broadband, layer-2 switches, and power/UPS. It supports a minimum of 24 switched PoE or non-PoE connections and is expandable to support more as needed. Your eNode is also expandable to include blade servers, digital/analog multiplexers and other equipment, all in one secure and self-contained unit that will de-clutter your IT cabinet. Attached devices, such as SIP phones, laptops, and other equipment connect to your eNode either by direct wired Ethernet, or via Wi-Fi access points. This design simplifies your network substantially and delivers superior security and performance while allowing Edge to monitor and manage the entire network remotely, all the way to each managed end-point device.

  • White-Glove, Managed Services means your complete infrastructure consists of a single, fully-redundant, monitored and proactively managed solution. We monitor your network and all managed devices continually, so we see and resolve problems before they become noticeable by your employees or customers. Any voice, data and infrastructure concerns require a single call to a single, named Edge administrator. There are no call queues to off-shore call centers – and no long waits for call escalation. Are you expanding offices? Do you want to log into your network while traveling, or attach a permanent gateway from an employee’s home office? Do you need a new phone number, 800 number, or new lines/phones? Faster Internet speeds? Virtual networks? Extra storage for file backups?

  • Optional Services: Ready for Expansion When You Are Whether you operate from a single location or have multiple branch offices, your communications are seamless and secure. Calls are routed to your location by extension, whether at your main office, a branch office or at home. Your computers, laptops, and tablets will securely connect to your corporate network regardless of location. A variety of advanced options can be added at any time without upfront fees, software upgrades or hidden costs. Just make a single call. For example, you can add phone lines or WAN facilities, set up inter-office networks, provide employees with remote access to your network, or setup always-on private networks (VPNs). Do you need additional phones or Wi-Fi coverage? Do you want to add presence cameras to your assembly floor, lobby, or entrance? We’ll just ship you the equipment preconfigured and have our nation-wide network of installers set it up for you.

  • Security to Make an NSA Agent Blush means PCI DSS and HIPPA compliant and more. Edge provides fully-managed network security, including equipment, configuration and network monitoring. Your designated network traffic will be segregated, encrypted and secured both within and between locations to the highest standards, including FIPS 140-2.

  • Local, Private Cloud Solutions lets you cost effectively expand your solution to create your own local, private cloud. Servers, storage, secure access, connectivity, and operating software can be added directly onto your eNode. There’s no upfront capital purchases required. We just add an incremental fee to your monthly bill. With your private cloud, you can store files, make local backups, or run core business applications from any location. Your data is securely located at your own, always-on server, and physically at your site. Local access to your cloud server is at gigabit per second speeds - orders of magnitude faster than transmitting information over the public Internet. So your backups are faster, applications run faster, and employee satisfaction is higher. Private cloud servers are available in three configurations: business, database, and high-compute, with either MS/Windows® Server or LINUX operating systems. Each configuration is optimized for its intended use, with multiple processors, 16-128 GB SDRAM, and from 500 GB to 6+ TB RAID storage.

  • Custom Services So You Can Do What You Want to Do If you’re like most people, you think of your Internet, phones, broadband, servers and network equipment as different components. You have to put them together like a puzzle. But with Edge, it’s all ONE integrated expandable platform, managed 24/7/365. You can leverage it in many ways to increase efficiency, reduce cost or improve your customers’ experiences. So, just tell us what you want to do! For example, do you often travel between office locations? Presence cameras and video conferencing might reduce your travel time. Are you concerned about physical security? Door monitors, motion detectors, presence and night-cameras can all be provisioned and attached to your network at surprisingly low costs. Do you manage high-cost capital equipment? Tagging and then tracking their physical location might increase asset utilization, reduce theft/shrinkage and increase employee productivity. What about your energy bills? Temperature monitors and HVAC controls could reduce your utility bill by a third.